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Red Raspberry Boogie, week 4 post-spray - feminized Canadian cannabis.

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The Science of SUPER(SEED)

SUPER(SEED)'s Silver solution is efficient to produce, safe to handle & use, and is the least chemically complicated solution known for suppressing ethylene-production in plants.

Ethylene is a plant hormone, stimulating different kinds of growth, as well as the ripening of fruits and seeds. Ethylene accumulation in your refrigerator – caused by the off-gassing of fruits and vegetables – causes produce to ripen and spoil more quickly!

By suppressing ethylene in female cannabis, the plant is unable to produce flowers normally and – in what is truly a botanical miracle – will begin producing pollen as a final attempt at ensuring her genetic survival.

This pollen, when used to fertilize another untreated female plant, will result in exclusively feminized seeds. Note this does not result in hermaphroditism (unless the cultivar's genetic itself is unstable), and will not affect the genetic makeup of your plant(s).

In addition to botanical applications, specific formulations of elemental Silver have uses in modern medicine, and it is under constant study for its antimicrobial and protective properties.1


1 Antibacterial Activity of Colloidal Silver against Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive Bacteria, 2020, Dominguez et. al

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