I Support the Last Prisoner Project!

It's 2022 - and absolutely NO ONE should still be locked up for cannabis-related 'crimes'.

Starting 4/20, 2022, $2 from every retail bottle of SUPER(SEED) sold will be donated to the Last Prisoner Project. There will also be an added option to 'tip' at checkout - 100% of these proceeds will also be donated to the LPP organization.

Formed in 2019 from the belief that if there is legal profit to be made in the cannabis industry, those same profit-makers should be responsible for aiding in the restorative justice for those who faced criminal punishments for the same activities, LPP is dedicated to creating a culture of education, awareness and compassion when it comes to cannabis.

If you'd like to donate to them directly, please click right here to be taken to their donation page, or click right here to learn more about what they do.

I'd also like to provide insight into how my donation structure will work. I spoke with an organizer at LPP, who suggested adding an app to my store that would donate to LPP directly. Unfortunately the subscription cost associated with this app are not sustainable for me (and I'd rather just give that money to the LPP as well), so I needed another solution.

For now, donations will be collected and donated all at once, quarterly.
The upcoming donation dates are as follows:

June 1st, it wouldn't be me if it were on time: June 6th, $36 CAD donated + $1.80 in processing fees.
September 1st, September 12th, $38 CAD donated + $1.90 in processing fees.
December 1st
March 1st, 2023

Thanks as always for your love & support, and remember - #NOPRISONFORPOT!

- Alex