Whose secret are you ready to unlock: that of your newly feminized seeds, your favourite oil, or your strongest cultivars?!
I am very excited to announce that SUPER(SEED) clients are now able to purchase their very own KEYBOX comprehensive cannabis testing kits, right alongside their favourite feminizer.

If you’re ready to start feminizing seeds, make sure you’re choosing the BEST plants! The KEYBOX Flower Test gives you overall potency (THC), the cannabinoid profile, plus the terpene panel (including 39 terpenes!) for your favourite cultivar. 

If you’ve been wondering why your homegrown is a knockout, now you can find out.

Growing medicinally? Test your homemade oils and make sure you’re getting the dose you want! The KEYBOX Oil Test offers the same benefits and information as the Flower Test, but can be submitted in oil format to better accommodate all consumers.

Both tests are available for $177.45 each, taxes & shipping included! Once your order has been placed, it will ship from Edmonton - directly and discretely - straight to you. It also includes return postage, so submitting your samples is a no-hassle process!

KEYBOX is a product of Keystone Labs - Edmonton’s trusted, high-quality GMP testing laboratory.

Unlock the potency, cannabinoid & terpene profiles of your favourite cultivar using KEY BOX, and then feminize it forever with SUPER(SEED) - it’s a match made in canna-heaven.