SUPER(SEED) Now $24 + Shipping

To my valued friends and customers - starting today, I have adjusted the pricing structure for SUPER(SEED) to $24 + shipping, for all orders.

I’ve worked hard to make SUPER(SEED) self-sustaining, and thanks to all of you we hit that balance pretty early!

My costs are covered but, unfortunately, that capital for reinvestment generally arrives just after it’s needed, and what’s taking the largest cut is my shipping costs.

Between the materials required to mitigate carriers breaking shit, and the actual cost of shipping in this country, I can’t continue to offer the $10 nation-wide flat-rate shipping.

Additionally, I straight-up have not been paying myself for the work put in. While I don’t want to profit egregiously off this industry, it’s time to take a minimum wage!

To those of you who reached out to me prior to this change, and were intending to make a purchase once your plants were ready, please message me before you order, and I will honour the pricing that you were originally quoted. 

Thank you all for your support over the past year, and some #BigStamenEnergy to all your SUPER(SEED)-treated flower!


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