I’m Alex (all pronouns OK), creator and one-person SEED(EO) of SUPER(SEED)!

I want to tell you how SUPER(SEED) happened, but I’m a storyteller, so spark one up and joint me.

This year has, without a doubt, been impossibly hard for just about everyone.

In my world, I was realizing that most players in the cannabis industry are just like others in a new industry. The drive for profit and market domination was such that it put the consumers - especially medical users - in a terrible position of having to pay egregiously for a less-than-excellent product that was quickly being manipulated and pillaged by an oligopoly of patriarchal, capitalist bullies.

I felt I was a naive operant in this too, as I maintained the medical side of a small legal producer. This would become a daily battle of justifying to medical users across the country as to why they should pay seriously premium prices for a medicine that they need. As someone who also shares that need, I was beginning to recognize what was a great lack of honesty and compassion within the Canadian cannabis industry. That recognition - and the consequences of having prices no one wanted to pay - would eventually cost me my job, and what felt like any opportunity for a real career at which I could excel. 

During that time though, all I did was learn. I read everything I could get my hands on, from the blogs of ACMPR growers, to podcasts and social media forums, medical journals, and the stories of the heroes taken to court and jailed for invoking, in one way or another, one’s right to access, grow and use cannabis. I socialized with, and gleaned lessons from, the bullies. I built connections and friendships with many of the clients that had been both frustrated with, or supportive of, the way business was being done. I met and forged relationships with truly incredible people, who saw the same necessity for change in this developing industry with so much potential. I was humbled in learning that not everyone was the bad guy; I had been made angry by injustice.

I wanted to learn everything I could about weed, and somewhere in that journey I also started learning about feminized seeds.

For those who want to grow their own, neither the legal nor legacy markets offer any change in pricing from what we all saw pre-legalization. This means that seeds, especially feminized ones, are expensive. Additionally, many cultivars are difficult to acquire, and big market players in both markets can (and do) dictate the price. Moving forward within this model, it is then the price, rather than the genetic calibre, that will most affect which cultivars will be available - and to whom. I believe that this class-based system of cannabis access, from both moral and biomedical ethics standpoints, is wrong.

[Important Sidebar: my Father has used homemade colloidal Silver for homeopathic applications for as long as I can remember. It was the go-to application to clean out a nasty scrape and, while like most others I still regularly needed antibiotics, polysporin, or to see a family physician, colloidal silver certainly played a big supporting role in my health growing up. There is a lot of merit in the medical application of silver, but a lot is left uncertain - one thing that is for certain, though, is that it is an excellent suppressor of ethylene. Without enough of this plant hormone, a plant cannot mature or ripen properly, and can force ‘alternative’ solutions to try and ensure its genetic continuation.]

Anyways, I’d learned from my cannabis research that many growers make their own feminized seeds using a variety of different ethylene-suppressing strategies, but as I looked further, products that were or are available to reverse/feminize cannabis are also expensive, difficult to find or import, and often have complicated instructions and/or mysterious ingredients.

SUPER(SEED) does not.

Using the power of those suspended silver particles in purified dihydrogen monoxide, you can transform any female plant into a feminized-pollen-producing masterpiece, and consequently ensure yourself a healthy supply of feminized seeds. All you need is one plant, a bottle of SUPER(SEED), and a bit of patience - something that all cannabis growers already have in spades.  

There is so much more I want to talk about, but that is effectively how SUPER(SEED) happened.

All of that said, I am committed to:

- Helping increase access to medical & recreational cannabis cultivars by helping growers to feminize their own pollen and seeds

- Keeping production costs as low as possible so that the consumer is not stuck paying the difference

- I’m just one person; so I can commit to staying transparent, respectful, independent, honest, and human in my business practices and interactions

If you’ve made it to here, thank you for reading my story, and for taking a little time to learn where I come from.

Now, come support ya boi, and try a bottle of SUPER(SEED) for your next seed run - I know you won’t be disappointed.

- Alex

Last Edited: 16JAN2021