Frequently Asked Questions about SUPER(SEED) Feminizer

Q: How should I store SUPER(SEED) when not in use?

A: SUPER(SEED) is solution of Silver ions, suspended in distilled water. It should be stored at room temperature or higher, in the dark & out of any direct light. Additionally, it should always be kept in its original container, with the cap on and the spray-nozzle out. While best used fresh, if stored properly, SUPER(SEED) will remain effective for 8-12 months.

Q: Can I apply SUPER(SEED) once a plant is already flowering? 

A: Yes. This will take longer, as the plant has already dedicated much of her energy into building flowers. New stamens will grow around these existing structures - you may get a couple funky seeds off your treated plant using this method, too. While this works, it’s not ideal - the best time to start SUPER(SEED) is 24-48 hours before switching your light cycle from vegetation into flowering.

Q: Why is SUPER(SEED) so cheap?

A: I believe that cannabis cultivators, breeders and consumers already spend too much on cannabis-specific products, especially feminized seeds and reversal/feminizing sprays. I’ve developed a production process that is cost-effective, and to use an old cliche: those input-conscious savings are passed directly on to the consumer.


Q: How many plants is SUPER(SEED) capable of treating?

A: Depends on the size of the plant. One bottle is generally sufficient for a cubic metre of plant, however; you can dial in the amount based on your needs, and either accelerate or slow down the process.

Q: I think my package was lost in the mail…

A: Have no fear! All packages are insured. If your package is lost by the carrier, I will send you a replacement immediately at no cost to you.

Q: What happens if my bottle(s) froze during shipping?

A: First, ensure that the bottle is intact. Do not try to open or use any bottle that appears physically damaged or weakened!
Second, store the bottle in a dark place, and allow it to return to room temperature (this can take a few days). Shake 2-3 times per day. Once returned to room temperature, you may use as indicated.

Please note: the reading on a TDS metre may measure lower after the product has frozen or boiled. This is because the silver particles will amalgamate together, forming larger albeit fewer particles. Don’t stress - it is just as effective, as the plants will be receiving the same amount of silver overall. As always, shake well before use! SUPER(SEED) maintains integrity longer if stored at room temperature, out of direct light - do not refrigerate.

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