How to Use SUPER(SEED) to Make Feminized Cannabis Pollen & Seeds

First, select your plant(s) for reversal/feminizing.

  1. Attach spray nozzle to SUPER(SEED) bottle and shake well!
    Spray down plant twice daily, starting in the vegetative light cycle:

    - For light-dependent cultivars: after the initial 1-2 application, switch lights into flowering cycle.

    - For auto-flowering cultivars: begin application approximately 1-2 days before expected flowering, or at the first signs of flowering.

    Be sure to thoroughly cover the foliage each time, focusing especially on the budding ends.

  2. Continue applying the product twice daily, while continuing the flowering cycle. Pollen-containing anthers should begin development within two weeks.
    It is not recommended to use SUPER(SEED) for more than three weeks, to prevent stressing out the plant.

  3. Collect the feminized pollen! Use this feminized pollen to fertilize another female plant in flower, and watch for your feminized seeds to start forming! 
    One 500mL bottle of SUPER(SEED) is enough to treat roughly one cubic metre of plant.

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  • Don’t smoke me, man! Please do not use this product on plants directly intended for ingestion, in any method. Not for human or animal consumption.

  • I’ve got the Silver touch! Be aware that this product may stain skin, clothing, or other surfaces. To prevent this, wear gloves, and keep the nozzle close to the plant during application.

  • Store me in a room temperature, dry, dark place! SUPER(SEED) may lose efficacy if overheated, frozen, left tipped on its side, or left in direct light.

May your favourite cultivars live on!